simyo header simyo header simyo header

simyo is the German mobile phone brand for “smart digitals”, a target group that is young and always online. With that in mind simyo wanted a redesign of their website as part of a bigger repositioning. Most importantly the website needed to be authentic, young and should get the user answers and information easily. I was part of a team at SinnerSchrader where we created a new entirely responsive experience – including an image world, that playfully shows the differences between simyo’s data plans.


simyo website design in iPhone and iPad on table
simyo website grid

As the target group mostly uses smartphones and tablets the project was done “touch first”. simyo offers a wide range of plans, so it was a top priority to make these easy to distinguish. Information is easily accessible while the design stays young and the brand strong and recognizable.

simyo styleguide colors
simyo styleguide grid and typography
simyo website design in iPhone
simyo website design in iPad