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This book about filmmaker Gaspar Noé (“Enter the Void”, “Irréversible”, “Love”) translates the main ideas and characteristics of the niche genre he is associated with into design. The title of the book “scream love cry” sums up the most noticeable parts of his work – violence, sex and emotions, which are often carried to an extreme. Noé’s movies create a controversy about limits unlike any other. This book addresses the question of how far is too far.

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Movies of “The New French Extremity” tend to be highly explicit and graphic – which I adapted with glitch effects and visual errors. These appear more frequently towards the end of the book, making it seem to almost fall apart. This also mirrors the dramaturgy of Noé’s works, as he increases tension until it’s unbearable. Gaspar Noé’s films are often very sexual and emotional, symbolized by the softness of oil and acrylic paintings. These were then turned into a collage with aforementioned rough glitches, building a strong contrast of digital and analog.

Gaspar Noé acrylic and oil illustration Enter the Void
Gaspar Noé acrylic and oil illustration
Gaspar Noé acrylic and oil illustration Enter the Void