Curved Logo

CURVED is one of the most popular content platforms for mobile topics in Germany. What sets CURVED apart from other news sites is the quality of the content and a more lifestyle-orientated approach to tech. New standards are set by an editorial team with its own photo and video studio, assuring exclusive top-notch content. I was part of a small team at SinnerSchrader, which built CURVED in only 100 days.


Animated responsive logo

News are read everywhere and anytime – even the brand CURVED itself is responsive and the design focused on mobile devices since day one. The code-inspired CURVED brackets ⊂ ⊃ are text-only CI elements, bringing an advantage to social media and SEO. Targeting “generation touch” the brand itself is young and modern, visualizing the tech but also the lifestyle aspect.

Reaction tags

Small details like reaction tags increase engagement and make CURVED more interactive than regular passive news sites. Clean visuals and high-quality typography let the viewer focus on the content. For a content platform the surroundings should never be distracting and performance plays an important role.

Curved website design in iPad
Curved website design in iPhone