I’m Raoul, a freelance designer / art director specializing in web and interface design. Sometimes I mix in a little motion design or illustration. I’m currently available for remote work.

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My name is Raoul Korzuschek, 29 years old. I mostly design digital things. Originally from Hamburg, Germany, I am currently living location-independent.

I’ve been freelancing since late 2015. Prior to that I spent two years designing websites and interfaces at SinnerSchrader, one of Europe’s leading digital agencies. In the past I had the pleasure to work for some inspiring companies, a few of which are displayed on the right.below.

I love creating digital experiences and truly care for these tiny details that make a difference. If you need help within the disciplines of web, interface or motion design or just want to know how to pronounce my name – I’m just an email away and always open for a chat.